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While you’re enjoying the changing leaves and pumpkin spice lattes of autumn, you may feel yourself getting excited for yet another change in seasons. It's always best to get a head start on what's in store for the following months, especially when it comes to women’s winter fashion trends. Even though we're all avoiding social situations and bundling up at home as much as possible, you can still dress up with some of these gorgeous winter style 2021 trends. You'll find something to liven up any winter look as the temps drop, whether it's a cozy sweater or a new pair of stylish boots. And no matter what your style is, we're confident you'll find something for the upcoming season on this list. Keep scrolling for the best fall-winter 2021 trends you can buy today!

Cold Weather Apparel Basics

Before we dive into new and exciting winter fashion 2021 women's styles, here's a quick primer on how to dress for inclement weather.  Typically, the best practice is layering garments during winter, and it's recommended you wear three layers. Consider the basic principles of garment stacking when thinking about how to layer for winter.

You'll need a thin foundation layer to begin. To ensure that the layer dries rapidly, use an absorbent material such as polyester, nylon, or silk over cotton. Furthermore, thinner base layers wick perspiration faster, which is significant in preventing hypothermia and other illnesses. Even if the weather isn't dangerously cold, it's generally unpleasant to feel damp beneath your clothes. Try not to bundle up too tightly to preserve space between you and the cold air, so make an effort to ensure your layers are loosely fitted. Second, an intermediate layer insulates the body from the cold. Sweaters, fleece coats, and sweatshirts fall under this category. Finally, an outer shell, such as a rain jacket, shields you from the elements such as chilly wind, rain, and snow.

What are the Latest Women’s Winter Fashion Trends?

Throwing together an outfit that allows you to face the cold in style is half the battle of going out in the winter. There are lots of methods to build a style that delivers the best of both worlds with smart layering, the proper materials, and imaginative styling. After all, sacrificing style for warmth shouldn't be a requirement anymore.


Every woman needs a warm sweater to incorporate into their winter style. You probably already have a few pieces that you've held onto for years, but there's always space for one more, whether it's a bulky sweater with oversized sleeves or a charming piece to replace your fading one from past seasons. Before you go out and buy the current styles, go through your sweater collection and prune your current collection, so you only have the ones that you like left (and let’s be honest, the ones you actually wear).

Knit sweaters are a popular choice for winter fashion 2021, and this Chenille Cable Knit Cardigan with a cable stitch design is one of our favorites. With a loose-draping shape that fits with anything from long-sleeve tees to tank tops, it's easy to mix, match and layer. You can wear its soft canvas hue with light or dark bottoms for a relaxed but stylish look.


After the leaves have fallen and the temperatures start to plummet, it's time to update your footwear. This winter, you’ll have a vast selection of boots that come in a variety of styles. We're seeing a variety of styles being worn this season, from snow boots to sheepskin pairs, as well as a fresh take on the traditional black boot. Which one will be your favorite for winter fashion 2021?

After all, the only thing you really need when it comes to winter footwear is a new pair of boots. And, since winter is synonymous with trendy boots, the Hudson Fur Cuff Chelsea lace-up boot with fur trim is a must-have for any cold-weather outfit. With fake leather and contrasting trim, this boot is both durable and elegant.


Winter can be unpredictable, and it’s crucial to have a variety of trustworthy coats and jackets no matter where you've set up your home base. Most of us have a few different types of outerwear in our closets, ranging from a denim jacket to a trench coat to a heavy puffer, but there are a few essential types of jackets and coats that every woman should have on hand. For instance, the Cynthia Sherpa Jacket is a comfortable jacket that comes in three stylish colors and is both fashionable and functional. It’s perfect for 2021 winter fashion, and you can use it throughout all of next year. This jacket is a must-have for chilly weather, and the soft cotton/polyester material makes you feel like you're wearing a blanket. Two patches at the elbows contrast with the patchwork chest pocket for a unique appearance.

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