2020 Fashion Trends for Summer

2020 Fashion Trends

Something about summer brings out the best in human beings. Maybe it's vitamin D from all the sunshine. Maybe it’s not having to spend fifteen minutes bundling up before you can even think about setting foot outside the house. Whatever it is, one thing is for certain—summer makes us want to put our best foot forward.

Fashion is a major part of how we express ourselves and present who we are to the world—a truth that is always more apparent during the warmer months. It’s almost as though as soon as June rolls around, color and vibrancy return to the world around us, and we want to reflect it back in our own personal way.

For this reason, we have compiled our favorite 2020 fashion trends for summer. These current and ultra-cool designs are sure to inspire you to shine a little brighter this year.

Shorts: Short Shorts and Bermuda

Shorts and summer fashion go hand-in-hand. They are a crucial component of creating summer styles that are both comfortable and eye-catching. According to our predicted fashion trends, 2020 will be all about shorts-length. Short shorts are always hot, and Bermuda-style options, like these womens jean shorts, will make a comeback.

The super-scant short shorts bottoms rose to popularity in the 1970s. They were so popular, in fact, that James Brown dedicated his hit song “Hotpants” to the women’s trend. Check out our Retro High Waist Neon Denim Short to rock this look for yourself, or browse our entire selection of short for women.

Summer Style 2020

Minimalism is Out (Bold Colors, Tropical Patterns and Extravagant Sleeves Are Back)

This is one of the most eye-catching fashion trends 2020 has in store. Tropical patterns give any outfit a noticeably fun and laid-back twist. Emerald green palm leaves, exotic flowers, and bright, and fluorescent birds are common features on tropical-themed fabrics and are a great way to add vivacity to your summer style.

Check out the Gina Tropical Floral Top for your tropical pattern fix: it’s sure to be a show-stopper.

Don’t forget to add pops of bold, light colors to your closet as well. Sunny yellows and sunset-inspired pinks are just a couple of examples. We recommend our Edington Striped Polo in the shade “Sunflower”.

And lastly, look for clothing items that offer something a little extra when it comes to shape, like the loose, airy fit of these hippie-inspired bell sleeve women's tops.

Summer-Centric Shortalls

The convenience of coveralls combined with the easy, breezing comfort of shorts! What’s not to love?

Shortalls are adjustable, fun, and compliment a ton of different styles— from cute and floral crop tops, to relaxed and casual tees, and high-top sneakers, how you pair your shortalls is completely up to you! You can also choose from a variety of styles from our clean and ripped jeans for women selection!

Check out our Jenny Deconstructed Shortall for a laid-back look you’ll love. And why not complete your ensemble by pairing it with our favorite accessories like the Checkered Mini Backpack? You’ll be ready to hit the beach, the mall, or anywhere in between.

Summer Trends 2020

Knit and Crochet

This will be a common element among the trendy summer outfits 2020 will popularize. Crochet beach dresses will be a hot commodity for ladies, while a crochet top pairs perfectly with the previously mentioned short shorts trend.

Knit fabrics are known for their soft textures and the enhanced breathability they provide, making them a wise choice during warmer months. They also provide an earthy, new age aesthetic that will delight festival-goers and the modern hippy-at-heart.


Nothing says summer like a sandal. In fact, sandals should be the international symbol of summer (in our humble opinion). They’re specific to the time of year and they instantly summer-ize almost any outfit. 

This year, dainty sandals with tiny straps will be a popular choice for women, providing that perfect feminine touch. These sandals can be paired with shorts, skirts, or capris, and are a fantastic way to add a beachy, bohemian appeal to your apparel. Our Eloise Beaded Buckle Sandal fits the bill if you’re looking to adopt this 2020 fashion.

2020 Summer Fashion


When deciding on summer trends, 2020 didn’t forget about the importance of accessorizing. And out of all the warm weather accessories, bags are at the forefront this year.

From conveniently large tote bags to stylish sling designs and slouchy bucket purses, a great bag will be a necessity if you want to stay on top of the summer 2020 fashion game.

From our own collection, our Clear Fanny Pack (great for holding your cell phone, keys, and bare essentials while attending festivals or riding your skateboard) or our Gold Metallic Crossbody Bag (awesome for adding shimmer to your summer style in 2020) will all be summer fashion 2020 favorites.

In the end, if you want to rock the latest trends, 2020 will require that you experiment a little. The focus this year is all about classic, well-fitting pieces with a modern twist—a concept Unionbay is excited to get behind. Browse our online selections today!