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Do you ever feel that neither masculine-focused nor feminine-geared clothing fully represents your preferred style? If so, androgynous fashion may be the perfect blend for you. For some fashionistas, wearing clothing strictly tailored for men or women is too limiting. With Gen Z leading the charge on gender inclusivity, savvy fashion designers are taking note that shoppers want more gender fluidity in their clothing options. After all, what you wear should express who you are and how you feel!

Androgynous apparel — sometimes called gender-fluid or genderless fashion — is opening up a whole new world of self-expression. Let’s dive into this style movement and cover what androgynous fashion is, where it all started, and how to look androgynous with eight on-trend outfit ideas.

What is Androgynous Fashion?

Androgynous fashion may hold varying meanings or conjure inconsistent images for different people. Some style experts say it’s all about breaking free of gender norms and wearing clothes that aren’t stereotypically “masculine” or “feminine” — otherwise known as unisex apparel. Others will tell you that, for garments to qualify as androgynous clothing, style elements of both “masculine” and “feminine” trends should be involved.

This isn’t the first time in history that the androgynous style is in the spotlight. In 1968, as a rejection of the strict gender norms of the 1950s, a select group of Parisian designers created distinctly gender-neutral apparel. Their “Space Age” outfits featured fabrics, silhouettes, and patterns that lacked ties to any gender. Then, in the 1970s, as more females entered the workforce, we saw a rise in “masculine” clothing for women. Fast forward to the 1990s, and grunge fashion defied any gender limitations. All people spanning the gender spectrum donned baggy, ripped jeans with graphic tees and flannels.

Historically, fashion that has blurred the gender lines has still typically leaned “masculine” or “feminine.” Today, however, there’s a push for more clothing options that aren’t strictly for women or men but for all genders. However you choose to define it, androgynous fashion should help you break free from societal expectations and express your individuality in your own way!

How to Start Your Androgynous Fashion Journey

The point of androgynous fashion is to remove limitations. So, in that same spirit, there’s no right or wrong way to assemble your gender-fluid ensemble. But if you aren’t sure how to look more androgynous, here are some guiding principles to help you get started:

  • Mix “feminine” fabrics with “masculine” silhouettes: Some fabrics and shapes have been historically associated with one gender. Disrupt the norms by mixing things up! Think of a “masculine” item like a blazer made with a “feminine” fabric like silk or a flirtier silhouette like a shift dress made from a thicker, heavier fabric like denim.
  • Keep it loose: If your authentic androgynous look involves concealing your assigned gender, try loose-fitting garments. Go up one or two sizes for a more relaxed, flattering fit (going up too many sizes can result in a messy aesthetic).
  • Wear “masculine” and “feminine” items together: If you feel that androgynous fashion is all about mixing apparel and accessories traditionally classified as “feminine” or “masculine,” go for it! Wear a men’s button-up shirt with fitted women’s jeans or men’s trousers with a crop top.

Fashion should be fun, and it’s always evolving. So feel free to play, explore, and see what types of androgynous looks feel authentically you.


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8 Stylish Androgynous Outfits

Ready to start assembling cute androgynous outfits? Below, we’ll provide some outfit inspiration. As you get more comfortable with this style movement, you can have fun creating your own variations of these looks!

1. White Tee and Overalls/Shortalls

You can’t have too many classic white tees in your closet. They’re a staple of casual androgynous fashion. To keep your look gender-neutral, stick to a looser-fitting tee and avoid v-necks or capped sleeves. Crew necks are the perfect unisex choice.

Overalls epitomize gender fluidity — depending on the fit and length, they can easily be “masculine” or “feminine.” So, rock a more fitted pair if you’re feeling your femme side, or a baggier pair of overalls or shortalls in warmer months for a more boxy, “masculine” aesthetic.

2. Cargo Pants and a Hoodie

Create a comfy/casual look in cargo pants and a hoodie! Cargo pants can be as “feminine” or “masculine” as you choose, depending on fit, fabric, and color. For an androgynous balance, opt for a snug fit with masculine colors, like forest green or gray. Or, pair baggy cargo pants with heels.

Hoodies are staples of a gender-fluid wardrobe. For a boyish look, stick to flannel, dark colors, and button-up hoodies. For a more girlish touch, choose pastels, bright colors, or even a loud pattern.

3. Short Sleeved Button-Up and Jeans

Looking for that perfect office-casual outfit? Pair a short-sleeved button-up shirt with jeans. Available in tons of patterns, button-up shirts offer a semi-dressy way to show off your fashion style. Keep it formal and “masculine” with stripes or plaid, or flaunt your “feminine” side with floral prints and colorful designs. You can button your shirt up or wear it open over a white tee or tank for a more casual appearance.

Embrace gender-fluid fashion by stacking your wardrobe with a blend of fitted and oversized jeans. Denim goes with everything, so grab the fit that best expresses how you’re feeling and pair it with your favorite button-up shirt.


4. Utility Jacket and Joggers

Reveal your inner leader when donning a utility jacket and joggers. Utility jackets are versatile and great for layering. You can wear one over a sweater for warmth or on top of a tee for light wind-breaking. Stick to army colors like camel or forest green for a classic look. You can opt for a shorter jacket for a femme feel or a mid-length one for a “masculine” aesthetic. Check out our jackets to find your favorite style.

Joggers lend themselves to a comfy, androgynous look, and designers have been making them for both men and women for decades. From high-waisted and fitted women’s joggers to men’s joggers that tend to have a lower rise and boxier feel, there are so many fits to explore, giving you countless ways to create the mix of “masculine” and “feminine” you’re going for.

5. Oversized Sweater and High-Waisted Pants

Whether your goal is comfort or coziness, an oversized sweater never fails. Choose an off-the-shoulder look when feeling “feminine” or a classic crewneck for a gender-neutral vibe. Play with sweaters in different colors, fabrics, and prints to curate an aesthetic that reflects your identity.

Pair your sweater with high-waisted pants for a slimming and sophisticated silhouette. Opt for loose-fitting pants for comfort or form-fitting ones for “feminine” appeal. Try high-rise pleated pants with an accent belt for a more work-ready look. No matter what you choose, you can’t go wrong!

6. Graphic Tee and Denim Shorts

Graphic tees are essential to any androgynous wardrobe. Just like the parameters of androgynous fashion, their design possibilities are limitless! The graphics you choose will dictate whether your look leans “masculine,” “feminine,” or gender-neutral. So add a variety of these eye-catching pieces to your closet to always have a t-shirt that expresses how you’re feeling on any given day.

No androgynous wardrobe is complete without a pair (or several) of denim shorts. Rock a short, fitted pair when you want to express your “feminine” side or a looser, longer pair for the classic “boyfriend” look. Add your graphic tee, and you’ll be ready to take on the day.

7. Sweater Vest and Joggers

Feeling sporty? Pair a sweater vest with joggers for an athleisure vibe you can make as “feminine” or “masculine” as you want. Layer your sweater vest over a button-up for an office-chic look, or wear it solo for a breezier feel. A cropped sweater vest will be more feminine-forward, while a longer one can bring out your “masculine” side.

You can mix and match the fit of your joggers to your vest to create the look you want. Wear high-waisted, fitted joggers with a loose sweater vest or a fitted, cropped sweater vest with baggy joggers. Either combination will make an outfit that’s cute, cozy, and gender-fluid.

8. Plaid Shirt and Skirt

Androgynous fashion is all about challenging gender norms. A-list AMAB (assigned male at birth) celebs from Harry Styles to Chance the Rapper have effortlessly shown that skirts are for everyone. From denim minis to maxi skirts and everything in between, have fun exploring skirt styles for your preferred look.

Pair your skirt with a plaid shirt for a girly grunge outfit. Try an oversized plaid shirt with a cargo mini or a fitted plaid top with a maxi skirt. It’s all about trying different lengths and fits to determine your most comfortable look.

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