Boots never really go out of fashion, no matter the season. Versatile with so many different outfits, you can accentuate your style with boots any day of the year.

During the winter season, ladies around the world begin stocking up on their chilly weather wardrobes and getting particularly creative with footwear combinations. Are you looking for boots outfit ideas? Check out our style tips for women’s outfits with boots, including cute fashion combos, date night inspiration, and our top picks for fall boot outfits for the season.

How to Style Outfits with Boots

Putting together a stylish women’s outfit with boots takes more planning than you may think. Whichever boot length you go for, ‘classic vs. trendy’ is the first consideration for most women. Outfits with boots generally sit in one category or the other, and which is right for you will largely depend on what you plan to do while wearing them.

For example, a casual outfit for days you’re on your feet a lot could include a pair of classic brown or black ankle boots with a stacked heel for added comfort. However, if you were going to a bar or restaurant, then a trendy ankle or mid-calf boot with a zipper or studs for added flair may be a better way to showcase your style.  Another consideration is whether you go for a rounded or pointed toe. Pointed toes are typically flattering and trendy, and rounded styles are more comfortable and synonymous with a classic look.

Now that you’re down with the basics on trendy vs. classic, it’s time to start looking at full outfit ideas for boots. Fall boots outfits, cute fashion combos, and date night winners–we have so many different boots outfit ideas to share with you!

Women’s Fall Outfits with Boots

No women’s shoe rack is complete without some dependable fall boots. Outfit combinations are almost limitless, but you can never go wrong with a few pairs of trusty jeans. Jeans and boots are a timeless pairing that transcends seasonal fashion fads, meaning you can keep rocking your favorite looks year after year.

Skinny jeans for women are particularly versatile and can be dressed up or down to suit your mood. Ripped jeans for women paired with a boot will also give you a more edgy look! Combine with Chelsea boots or work boots for casual chic, booties or ankle boots for stylish panache, or calf, knee, or over-the-knee killer heels for an edgy high fashion vibe. Of course, it’s not just the boot type you can experiment with, but colors too. Black, brown, and tan are usually firm favorites, but there’s no rulebook when it comes to fashion with boots. Feel free to get experimental and add a pop of color for additional fall flair!

Cute Outfits to Pair with Boots

Don’t think you can pull together a cute outfit with boots? Think again. With a little imagination, anything is possible! Here are a few boots outfit ideas that rate high on the cuteness scale:

  1. Pair over-the-knee boots with an oversized sweater or stylish poncho. There are plenty of great women’s tops you can wear with the right pair of boots. Black or grey suede is an excellent choice of material for a boho look, or go denim for a hip, streetwise style.
  2. Color coordinate your top with a pair of tights and do the same with your skirt and boots. Almost any boots will look super cute when you match colors this way.  For a classic professional look, blacks, greys, and browns work well. However, that’s not to say you can’t mix striking colors to show off your unique character and make a real fashion statement.
  3. Invest in a long winter coat in a neutral color that draws all of the attention to your boots and keeps people guessing what other fashion genius you’ll reveal when you take it off!


Date Night Outfits with Boots

Anyone who says you can’t wear a dress with boots has got it wrong! In fact, some of the best date night boots outfit ideas involve pairing a dress with some killer boots.

For an understated but elegant look, a floral print dress with a pair of classy high-heeled boots will guarantee your man’s full attention. If your date kicks off before sundown, be sure to accessorize with the right sunglasses for maximum impact.

If you want all eyes on you, a pair of knee-high or over-the-knee boots worn with your favorite short skirt or dress shorts should do the trick. Pair with a long coat for protection from chilly weather. Then, make a statement when you take your coat off and reveal your outfit!


We hope these boots outfit ideas have given you some inspiration for your fall and winter wardrobe. Whatever your favorite style of boot and how you choose to wear them, you can find fashion styles to fit your look at Unionbay.

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