cargo pants and boots

Are you looking to make a strong fashion statement while still being prepared for whatever the day has in store for you?

Then you're going to want to know how to rock those iconic cargo pants and boots.

There are a few options depending on how you want to wear your cargo pants with combat boots to optimize their comfort and functionality. From ordinary errands, outdoor excursions, or for reporting for service, the way you dress your pant-and-boot pair will differ depending on the activity and area. 

Use our guidelines to help you determine whether to tuck, blouse, or go with pants over boots.

How to Style Cargo Pants and Boots

We adore the combination of cargo pants and boots for an on-trend style without sacrificing functionality. 

Cargo pants for men are popular due to their comfort. Most men acknowledge that this is the primary reason they wear them, but there is more to this versatile article of clothing than meets the eye. Because they are so multifunctional, men can wear them all day and through the night.

Why not add a little flair to your everyday style with this guide on mixing and matching your cargo pants and boots to fit their form and maximize their function:

Urban Exploration

Pair a white crew-neck tee with cargo pants for a laid-back look with an urban twist. Top it off with a pair of work boots for an iconic look.

Do you want to go for a more daring look? Choose high-top boots in white, black, tan, or various colors to pair with cargo pants. The clothing is fashionable and comfy, and it is frequently used for treks in the forests and mountains and other outdoor activities.

You'll be set for an excursion if you pair your cargo pants and combat boots with a thick woolen sweater and a sleeveless hiking vest. 

From the Office to the Horse Trails

Cowboy boots and denim go together like clockwork since this combination embodies the wild and iconic western aesthetic.

What if you want to wear your cowboy boots to work one day? What if your edgy, damaged jeans aren't appropriate for the workplace? It's time to pull out the cowboy boots with cargo pants combo!

Yes, cargo pants are a breath of fresh air to match with your cowboy boots.

The pairing of jeans and cowboy boots creates a stylish and distressed aesthetic reminiscent of strong western flair.

However, such an approach is not always appropriate in areas where refinement is required, such as workplaces.

In reality, many individuals wear cowboy boots to work, and the best pants to wear with cowboy boots are khakis rather than jeans.

Unlike jeans, cargo pants with cowboy boots will give you a great casual style, and why not add a shirt for a stylish appearance?

Casual EDC

Even on your days off, you'll appreciate the comfort and durability of cargo pants for civilian activities like rushing to the hardware or grocery store, patching up the house, or playing in the yard with your kids. Deep cargo pockets let you keep all of the tools, toys, and materials you need close at hand. You may let your pant legs flow freely over your boots because these activities don't require any style changes. On the other hand, dressing for streamlined performance on the job, during heavy-duty activities, or in harsh, unforgiving surroundings will necessitate a greater level of attention to detail.

Weekend Warrior 

For camping, trekking, and other strenuous outdoor activities, you'll want the same level of dependability that you would for tactical missions. Even though a neat look isn't as crucial to nature lovers, you might want to reconsider putting your pant legs directly into your boots. Blousing your cargo pants or any equally resistant design may offer a more comfortable protective barrier, helping to shelter you from hazardous plants, burrowing critters, moist ground, and preventable cuts and scratches.

On Duty

When you're in uniform, you have to trust that your clothes will keep you clean and presentable while allowing you to move quickly. You'll want to blouse your favorite duty or uniform pants to ensure optimum mobility and a striking look. Blousing your pant legs into your boots provides a more firm grip and a cleaner appearance than merely tucking your pant legs into your boots.

How to Blouse Pants

Blousing simply refers to the process of creating an inflated appearance around the ankle of your military pants tucked into boots. Tucking the ankle holes into boots, using boot blouses, or tying the drawstring at each ankle can all be utilized to blouse pants.

Simply tuck your pant leg inside the boot to keep pesky bugs at bay and your clothes from running up your leg when you're prone. It's a custom that dates back to trench combat during World War I. The purpose of blousing is to display attention to detail and understanding and adherence to a dress code, not to seem hip.

If you want to know how to tuck pants into boots military, follow these steps:

  1. Put your socks on first, then your hiking pants, ensuring the buttons and zippers are adequately closed.
  2. After that, you'll need your blousing bands, scissors, and tape.
  3. Apply tape to each boot to keep it in place.
  4. Using one hand, tuck in the pant leg so that it is snug against your body, keeping your fingers exactly above your foot. The other should be between your knees or right above your foot, holding the blousing band in place. Then, with both hands, lay the boot on one of your legs so that you can look down at the top of the boot.
  5. Then, draw the laces tight against each other and shut the blousing band with both hands. Carry on with the second boot in the same manner.
  6. Finally, wrap your pant legs around your boots multiple times before trimming away any excess fabric with scissors.

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