how to layer clothes for winter

How to Layer for Cold Weather

Layering clothes helps to regulate body temperature so you remain comfortable, warm, and dry during the chilly seasons. Without insulating yourself from the cold, you’ll feel the immediate effects of wind, rain, and snow. Also, without layering appropriately, you can sweat too much, which may lead to hypothermia, depending on conditions.

Fortunately, following expert advice can save you from discomfort or dangerous weather conditions while giving off a chic vibe at the same time. Explore how to layer for cold weather with these helpful tips below.

Cold Weather Apparel Basics

Best practices for layering clothes for winter dictate including three layers to remain cozy and insulated. Layers should fit fairly loosely to keep distance between you and the cold air. When considering how to layer for winter, think of the foundational guidelines of stacking clothing. First, you need a thin base layer that rests against your skin. It’s best to stick with an absorbent material like polyester, nylon, or silk over cotton so that the layer dries out quickly. Moreover, thinner base layers wick sweat faster, which can be important depending on the temperature in terms of hypothermia. Even if temperatures aren’t dangerously cold, it’s uncomfortable to feel clammy underneath clothing. 

Secondly, a middle layer provides heat from frigid temperatures. This includes sweaters, fleece jackets, and sweatshirts. Finally, an outer shell like a rain jacket protects you from cold wind, rain, and snow. 

How to Layer Clothes Fashionably

Just because it’s cold outside doesn't mean you have to sacrifice fashion to feel comfortable. If you’re wondering how to dress in layers, choose pieces that keep you warm and toasty while showing off your trendsetting style. A casual or semi-casual sweater, shirt jacket, or lightweight hoodies shields from chilly weather yet keeps you fashionable. Consider the Zion Sherpa Mock Neck Fleece in Powder or Midnight. Excellent for day use or evening wear, this polyester fleece feels like a blanket against your skin and features a snap closure to protect your skin from colder weather. Moreover, this practical fleece sweater is lightweight, loose-fitting, and versatile due to its simple color block pattern.

How to Layer for Winter & Stay Comfortable

With the transition to winter temperatures, comfort is the main goal. On days when you need extra warmth, stack your base layer with a heat-trapping sweatshirt and quilted vest. These middle layer selections will sustain you when it’s cold and windy, but aren't designed for full-blown snow day weather. 

For instance, the Switchback Flannel Hoodie comes in four different colors like Persian Red or Currant in a plaid print. This fleece button-up hoodie has a unique contrasting color hood and drawstrings at the neck that you can pull close when your ears get cold. Plus, double chest pockets enable easy storage. It is best paired with the Cameron Quilted Vest in colors such as Sasquatch or Black. The quilted, cotton stitched vest offers stylish protection against the elements and is ideal for frequent usage.

Winter Layering Outfits: Ideas 

Searching for inspiration? UNIONBAY merges comfort and style to create the perfect winter weather outfits. Embrace your creative side by combining pieces from your closet with new articles of clothing for a revitalized look. On incredibly frosty days, pair articles you normally separate to generate a modern, distinctive style.

Because you’ll need to frequently wear warmer pieces, why not seek out vibrant pieces that turn into conversation starters? Experiment with layers like combining a knit sweater under a sharp blazer, or a rain jacket over a flannel fleece hoodie. Try the Scout Corduroy Shirt Jacket matched with the Elkhorn Quilted Vest in Black for a retro-inspired color block look. Pair with year-round trendy pants for men such as the Luca Slim Twill Utility Pant for a complete outfit that is also warm and comfortable. 

Cool Cold Weather Accessories

Accessorize cute women’s tops and shirts for men with an extensive array of choices to complete your winter wear outfit. When debating how to layer clothes for winter, remember to keep beanies, hats, scarves, and gloves in mind. And with so many styles and materials to choose from, you’ll enjoy mixing and matching accessories.

For a practical option, opt for windproof and waterproof gloves in insulating materials like fleece. Some gloves even have a silicone grip for convenience so items aren’t slipping out of your hands easily.

Keep brightly colored wool scarves in mind to provide a burst of color against neutral-hued jackets. You can even make it more fun with a quirky, rare pattern that exhibits your personality and interests. 

How to Layer for Cold Weather with UNIONBAY 

Finding inspiration for how to dress in layers is easy when browsing UNIONBAY’s online collection. Keep yourself warm this season and enhance your wardrobe with our sophisticated and comfy designs. Featuring base layer shirts for men, hoodies, jackets, and sweatshirts, you’re bound to discover this year’s top trendsetting, affordable pieces so you’ll be set for winter layering. UNIONBAY also offers many different types of pants for the cold weather months!

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