When it comes to types of pants for men, you might feel a bit overwhelmed, and you wouldn't be alone. There are so many choices of different kinds of pants out there that it can feel next to impossible to know what to choose and how to style them. But never fear! Once you know the basic men's pants types, you'll have all you need for deciding which ones to wear on any occasion.

Read on to find out exactly what types of men's pants are the most popular and how you can make each one of them work for your wardrobe.

types of pants for men

7 Types of Pants for Men

Pants, trousers, joggers, chinos—with so many different names for various types of long pants, it's no wonder it can be confusing to know which ones to pick. Here, we've put together a list of eight types of pants for men to help you build the perfect wardrobe. Skim the looks and decide which ones suit you best!

1. Cargo Pants

Cotton cargo pants are a definite classic when it comes to different types of pants for guys. They originated as military wear, but with their handy side pockets and classic style, they're great to wear outside or when doing fix-it projects around the house. Try wearing dress cargos in place of regular cotton pants for a laid-back date. The comfortable cotton and relaxed cut of cargo pants for men are perfect whenever you want a pair of pants to kick back in.

2. Chinos

Chinos are one of the types of pants material used in casual men's attire. The word "chino," which means Chinese in Spanish, originated from the fact that the cloth for these trousers was originally imported from China.

Nowadays, though, it refers more generally to the style of the pants and the comfortable twill fabric that makes them a forever favorite. However, there's still an important question to answer regarding different types of pants: are chinos the same as khakis?

While the ubiquitous khaki-colored pants are often confused for chinos, they aren't exactly the same thing. Chinos are more lightweight than khaki pants, but one of the most common and popular colors they come in is khaki. Make sense?

3. Jeans

Of all the different types of men’s pants, jeans are the ones that need no introduction! Although they are sometimes just too casual for casual Fridays at work, denim jeans can be dressed up for date night, and they come in a wide variety of fits and lengths. Since they were originally made for California gold miners, they are super durable. Their classic blue color goes great with pretty much everything.

4. Joggers

Also referred to as track pants, joggers are not only for working out. They make a style statement even on designer runways despite their uber-casual vibe. These super comfy cotton pants are traditionally paired with a t-shirt and a track jacket, but you can also wear jogger pants with a casual button-down. Add a pair of canvas slip-ons or sneakers, and your stylish look is complete.

5. Utility Pants

Utility pants are yet another of the many types of pants for men, and they differ slightly from cargo pants. The "utility" aspect means they have a few more bells and whistles in terms of their functionality. For example, how about a hammer loop or an added slim pocket on the side for holding something like a pencil or a ruler? Perfect for those DIY projects. The utility is all in the details.

6. Corduroys

Corduroys have come a long way since your childhood. These textured pants in rich, deep hues like forest green and burgundy are just perfect for winter. Pair them with a thick cable-knit pullover for the ultimate in fireside fashion. Flannel button-down shirts are also great with these men's pants.

7. Tech Pants

Tech pants, also called technical pants, are made with special materials and treatments for specific uses. For example, some types of pants for men have a water-repellent finish and sun protection, denoted on clothing as the UPF number. The UPF indicates how much ultraviolet radiation passes through the fabric. A UPF 50 rating blocks 98% of the sun's rays and is considered excellent. Tech mens travel pants are a perfect choice for outdoor adventures.

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