how to style black jeans


Black jeans are a wardrobe essential. Everybody needs at least one pair because of their versatility. They can be dressed up or down and come in many styles for every season and aesthetic. Ready for some new inspiration for styling outfits with black jeans? Keep reading. 

12 Fun Ways to Style Black Jeans

If you’re looking for cute and easy ways to style your black jeans, UNIONBAY has you covered! Here are 12 ideas for styling black jean outfits for every occasion: 

1. Keep it Casual

How to style black jeans for every day is simple. For the summer, toss on a T-shirt, sleeveless shirt, or crop top, along with sneakers or sandals. In cooler temperatures, keep warm with a three-quarter length sleeved shirt or a long-sleeved shirt, plus a sweater or sweatshirt. And for fall, try a flannel tied low around the hips with low-waisted jeans. You can also wear the flannel over a T-shirt with a beanie. 

No particular cut is inherently more casual, so just choose your favorite: skinny, straight leg, bootcut, etc. The point of a casual fit is to make it work for you with no fuss as you go about your daily life. And black jeans are the perfect low-maintenance pants for casual wear.  

2. Embody the Skater Aesthetic 

Ever wanted to experiment with the skater look? Flat-soled shoes, a cozy hoodie, and black jeans are essentials in your skater aesthetic starter pack. A snapback cap and a graphic tee complete the look. This outfit is popular for skaters and non-skaters because of its relaxed, laid-back vibe. It allows for movement while keeping the legs protected. 

For the young and young at heart, this casual way to style black jeans is well-loved by both men and women who like a little edge to their style and comfort.  

3. Go All Black

Black head-to-toe will always be in vogue. Keep it simple with a black T-shirt, ankle boots, and jeans for any occasion. Going all black is also a quick and easy way to make any outfit a bit more formal. For example, black shoes with black jeans and a black blouse or button-down are a comfortable option for a nice dinner out. Necklaces, bracelets, rings, and earrings add sparkle or a touch of color. 

Sure, going all-black is the go-to look for goth-chic outfits or models off the runway, but there’s no need to restrict a love of black to hyper-specific situations. Black head-to-toe will always be classic. 

4. Dress them Up

Wondering what to wear with black pants to a formal or business occasion? A collared button-down and blazer are the perfect pairing. Don’t forget to tuck in the shirt and belt the pants. For men, fitted blazers are in. For women, fitted blazers are always flattering, and oversized blazers are currently on-trend. Add some shimmer and sparkle to your look with accessories that pop! Finally, slip on some loafers, flats, or ankle boots. Black denim, when styled up, is appropriate for most workplaces.

Dressing up black denim for work or any formal outing is easy: treat them like any black trouser. The only difference is that they are probably more comfortable! Don’t overthink it.

5. Get Warm and Cozy

When there is a chill in the air (or you’re stuck somewhere with the air conditioner on full blast), warm and cozy outfits with jeans are the way to go. Sweaters, vests, hoodies, and long-sleeved shirts are your friend in the fall, winter, and even early spring. 

For a streetwear look, layer an additional bomber jacket or blue denim jacket over your top and pair it with combat boots. For a softer look, an overcoat creates intriguing layers while keeping you warm and toasty, and fur-lined shoes also keep the heat in. 

6. Spotlight the Jeans

We’ve established that black jeans are versatile, but they can be the star of the show, too! So how do you style them, so they aren’t perceived as just a “supporting act”? Here’s the trick: when your pants take up more room on your body than other pieces of clothing, they become the focal point. 

So a high-waisted loose-fitting pant will dominate the outfit more because it has more fabric and volume than a low-rise skinny jean. Belting the jeans with a tucked-in top is another way to call attention to them. Finally, a crop top helps feature the jeans because it takes up minimal body space, making the jeans the main article of clothing.

7. Feature the Footwear

Consider featuring footwear in your black jeans outfit to really make your look stand out. Tuck skinny jeans into thigh-high or mid-calf boots. Cuff them to show off high-top sneakers or sandals. Flared or wide-leg jeans may hide your shoes, but all other jeans cuts will help draw attention to your kicks. Best of all, any color shoe will look good with black pants. 

Sometimes, shoes can feel like an afterthought to an outfit. But in reality, they have the power to change the entire look. For example, a basic tank with black denim is instantly elevated with heels, physically and fashionably! Without them, you’re dressed for a day on the couch; with them, you can strut into any party and look like you own the place. 

8. Don’t Shy Away from Color

When you wear black denim, you free yourself up to choose any color for the rest of the components of your outfit. For example, black denim allows the eye to rest amongst a yellow purse, green coat, and red top. 

When incorporating several different pops of color in an outfit, be aware of the tints, shades, and tones. Pastels, or lighter colors, create a cohesive look with white or khaki pants. This is a popular choice for spring and summertime. In the fall and winter, muted or darker hues look cohesive with black denim pants. But don’t let this guideline hinder your fashion choices; at the end of the day, black coordinates with all colors. Don’t shy away from experimenting with color!  

9. Simplify & Accessorize

When you opt for more simple clothing pieces, it leaves room for accessories to take center stage. For example, layer several necklaces of varying lengths with a simple T-shirt and black jeans. This creates a “rocker on a day off” cool aesthetic for men and women, especially when worn with several rings on both hands. 

Or perhaps you have new funky sunglasses or a unique scarf you want to show off. These accessories will be more eye-catching when you avoid distracting patterns on your tops and pants. Blank denim is the perfect backdrop for creative belts or any accessory.

10. Opt for a Brown and Black Outfit

Gone are the days of keeping black and brown separate. Whether it’s light, medium, reddish, or dark brown – it’s safe to pair with black jeans. A light brown trench coat with black shoes and pants is always a classic for men and women. As black and brown are both neutrals, nearly any color will look right when paired with them.

Need some easy inspiration for black and brown outfits? Look no further than the timeless and iconic cheetah print! Build an outfit around an animal print purse or scarf. Pro tip: deep red lipstick looks amazing when mixing dark neutrals! 

11. Play with Texture

Solid black jeans are an open invitation to play with texture in your clothing pieces and accessories. Leather, cashmere, wool, fleece, satin, and tulle are all textures that breathe new life into humdrum basics. For example, try pairing your black denim pants with suede boots and a cap or sweater made of alpaca wool in the winter. 

Men can also enjoy textures like silk or lace accents on tops when paired with black jeans. 

Black jeans bring a self-assuredness and an effortless elegance to the whole outfit. In general, playing with texture is a way to show off your personality without uttering a word. Depending on the fabric, it demonstrates that you’re playful, creative, or daring. 

12. Get Out of Your Comfort Zone

What does getting out of your comfort zone mean to you? Maybe it means trying patterned, neon, or some other style that you find intimidating. The beauty of black denim is that it functions as a dark backdrop for other more adventurous clothing pieces or accessories. Because black jeans are so comfortable, familiar, and neutral, you won’t feel like you’re in the deep end without a life vest when you pair them with a more “risky” top. 

Whether you experiment with a shiny metallic jacket, or even something as simple as a different neckline on a shirt, black jeans keep the outfit grounded and keep you feeling secure as you push the boundaries of style. Recognizing how to style black jeans gives you the confidence to rock clothes or accessories you wouldn’t have tried otherwise.

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