how to style platform sandals

Platforms are making a comeback. While summer is the ideal time to buy new, season-appropriate footwear, these can actually be worn with a variety of outfits throughout the seasons. Still, a free-spirited throwback like platform sandals feels especially fitting for the summer season. These shoes, which were popular in the 1990s and early 2000s, have recently become one of the hottest trends. Plus, there are a variety of styles to choose from featuring different shapes and forms.

Like many other styles that have resurfaced from many eras, platform sandals are incredibly stylish, wearable, and versatile. You've come to the right place if you're searching for how to style platform sandals and some sandals outfit ideas!

What are Platform Sandals?

When buying new shoes, two key aspects come into play: comfort and style. And when you find a pair that checks all of those boxes, you know you've got a winner on your hands.

If you’re curious about how to wear platform sandals, know that they catch the eye, match with almost any outfit, and can also be super comfortable (while remaining stylish, of course!).  If you want to make a fashion statement but aren’t feeling the look of stilettos, platform sandals could be the answer.

Furthermore, there is one style in particular that isn't going away anytime soon: flatforms. Yes, the flatform, like its platform relatives, provides height without compromising comfort, and a platform slides outfit is pretty attractive compared to alternative comfy shoes.

Sandals with a platform heel are a great option if you enjoy the look of a raised heel but don't want to deal with the agony of pumps or stilettos. The continuous, consistent sole compensates for the shortcomings of stiletto heels. This look may be worn in a multitude of ways, all to elevate your foot and your outfit:

  • Espadrille Platforms
  • Flip flop platforms
  • Sandal platforms
  • Slide platforms

No matter the event, there's a platform sandals outfit that's perfect for you.

How to Style Platform Sandals

Platform sandals are ideal for people who want to dress up their look but don't want to commit to high-heels. You have alternatives if you're ready to take this shoe trend to new heights. Outfits with sandals may be worn in various ways, allowing you to make a statement while remaining loyal to your unique style. Here are some great outfit ideas on how to style platform sandals!

Platforms Sandals and Jeans: The Perfect Combination

A stylish platform shoes outfit can be worn year-round. This means you can pair them with jeans, which are arguably the most versatile piece of apparel ever. Do you want to learn how to pair platform sandals with jeans? To start, make sure your outfit is balanced with additional all-weather pieces. For instance, wearing a parka, wool beanie, or knitted scarf with jeans and platform sandals will make your shoes appear out of place.

A women’s t-shirt, simple tank, crop top, or button-down shirt are all good options for your top. If you need to add some warmth, a slim-silhouette jacket, oversized button-down, or sweater will not detract from the overall look. Although most ripped jeans for women are blue, they are considered neutral in the fashion industry and may be worn with almost any hue. However, to avoid an overly crowded ensemble, limit yourself to no more than three colors.

You can wear any style you choose, including thin, bootleg, torn, or boyfriend jeans when it comes to jeans. Cropped or wide-leg jeans are another choice since they will show off your ankles and complement the platform sandals.

Jumpsuits and Rompers

Jumpsuits and rompers, which are fast becoming wardrobe mainstays for many women, are among our favorites. A romper is a one-piece garment that links shorts and a top, whereas a jumpsuit is the same thing but with pants.

Jumpsuits are acceptable in a variety of professional and elegant situations, whereas rompers are more relaxed. Both, however, may be worn for several occasions and look great with platform sandals.

If the remainder of your outfit consists of brighter hues and tones, we recommend choosing neutral shoes to prevent clashing. However, platform sandals in bold shades can make an otherwise neutral ensemble shine. What style goes best with a romper or a jumpsuit? We recommend suede platform shoes with an ankle strap or leather platform slides for this elevated effect.

The Iconic Shorts and Sandals Duo

Platform sandals are the way to go if you want to combine shorts with heel shoes. Chunky platform sandals will elevate any cute summer shorts outfit, whether it's jean shorts, cut-offs, chino shorts, patterned linen shorts, or high-waisted pleated shorts. White denim shorts for women or patterned linen are also excellent options since they are both fashionable and elegant.

In the realm of fashion, black and white are a classic and stunning color combination. Wear a black, white, or nude top with patterned linen shorts or a shade that matches a hue in the print. Your platform sandals should also be a neutral color, but they don't have to match your shirt.

It's Never too Early for Sundresses

Need even more ideas for what to wear with platform sandals? Try a sundress. For a flirtatious, feminine, and laid-back feel, a sundress is a traditional warm-weather option. While platform sandals may be worn at any time of year, they are the best strappy sandal option for summer attire. Sundresses are more informal than other dress types since they are light and not form-fitting. You may wear them to the beach, to a BBQ, while shopping, to breakfast, on a date, and pretty much anywhere else during the summer season.

If you're wondering how to wear platform espadrilles, we recommend starting with a lightweight sundress. You may wear a dress in almost any color or design with a pair of neutral sandals in brown, tan, off-white, white, or the natural color of jute-wrapped espadrille soles.

You don't need too many accessories for this ensemble. Simply add a wide-brimmed sun hat and sunglasses for a daytime look, and add a denim jacket if you're going out at night.

Shop for Platform Sandals

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