Mens Shorts 2020 - 8 Fits To Beat the Summer Heat

Want to stay cool yet look stylish while the temperatures start to soar? It’s time to upgrade your wardrobe with the latest mens summer shorts.

Today, we see cool shorts for guys everywhere—from the beach to business. They are not only suitable for warmer climates, but also look good in both casual and formal wear. But with so many different styles of cool mens shorts available, you must be wondering, “What shorts are in style for guys in 2020?”

Get ready to ditch those heavy-duty denim jeans this summer with our top 8 mens shorts 2020 ideas.

Looking for the best mens summer shorts to up your style game this season? Here’s a low down on the best shorts available to help you find the best possible pair for you.


1. Men's Cargo Shorts

Men's cargo shorts were originally designed for military troops in warmer climates who still needed to be heavily packed. But, they soon gained popularity with the masses because of the ample pocket space they provide to keep your stuff. Since then, they have continued to be a prominent feature every summer.

These are, hands down, the best mens casual shorts on this list. Just pair sand colored cargo shorts with a plain white t-shirt and all white trainers, and grab eyeballs wherever you go.

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 2. Jean/Denim Shorts

Mens jean shorts in 2020 are a total game changer. They can up your casual look in a jiffy, especially if they are classic blue denim. Usually, denim shorts are a more relaxed fit and will hang around at knee level.

You can find smarter denim short styles if you choose slim/skinny fit and darker colors such as black.


3. Chino Shorts

Chinos are one of the best shorts for men because they're versatile and can be used for either formal or casual wear. Most men find chino shorts a summer staple because of their ability to work well with almost any ensemble.

Want a comfy yet classic look? Pair your slim fit chino shorts with a white oxford shirt. Top it off with a pair of boat shoes.

4. Swim Shorts

Swim shorts are mainly used at the pool or the beach. But we all know how those summer beach days often result in you roaming around the local town for an afternoon drink. So, make sure your swim shorts still look great in public and not just when you’re in the water.

Swim shorts have changed a lot since the board shorts days. Today, they’ve got a lot shorter and smarter, allowing for a more stylish look.

To keep things versatile, buy navy, black or charcoal grey swim shorts that can be matched with any other colored item.


5. Jogger Shorts

When it comes to jogger shorts, it's not a question of which pair you should own. Rather, it's a question of how many pairs you should own.

Whether you are going to a park or beach, these shorts are perfect for warmer months. With a pull-on style featuring a drawstring waist, you can have an adjustable fit.

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6. Sweat Shorts

Looking for a pair of comfy casual shorts you can wear inside and out? Sweat shorts are the answer.

With the sportswear trend in full swing, sweat shorts have become a popular item among men, offering a unique urban look.

 Throw an oversized graphic t-shirt on top of your sweat shorts to rock that casual look. Give your outfit an edge with some vintage style running trainers.


 7. Knee-Length Shorts

You can never go wrong with knee-length shorts. They add all the flair of the classic Chino style shorts, while showing just the right amount of leg. They are perfect if you want to swap out your regular casual shorts and are looking for a little more coverage.

Now you can take a long stroll through the town and a hike through the woods on the same day in these super-comfy stretchable shorts.

8. Harem Shorts

The Harem shorts have the perfect balance between bagginess for full range of motion and a silhouette that gives an iconic style. They are ideal for being out and around the city on a warm summer day.

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Shorts are an awesome way to enjoy the summer heat while looking chic, without having to feel uncomfortable in warm, itchy jeans. They look pleasing to the eye and are super comfortable to wear all day long.