men's wardrobe essentials 2021

Men’s Wardrobe Essentials: Top Picks that Make Dressing Up Easy

Building the perfect everyday wardrobe comes down to the basics. Without a solid set of men’s wardrobe essentials, it’s hard to look put together. Whether you’re dressing up for a job interview, a date, or a night out with your friends, you’ll need several pieces to mix and match to form a complete look.

With that in mind, we’ve created the ultimate men’s wardrobe essentials 2021 list that will help you seamlessly create stylish outfits.

Men’s Wardrobe: Understanding the Basics

Many guys cringe at the thought of spending a whole day shopping: you might not want to visit a clothing store unless it is necessary. That’s why less is more when it comes to men’s fashion. Whenever you go to the store, you want to get the right items. Therefore, making your shopping list requires a little more strategy than just going in without a plan.

A man should have a good understanding of his personal style. Are you a more classic dresser, or do you like your looks to be edgy? Next, consider your daily schedule — your work setting, your social life, and your hobbies. From the office to after-work events to your weekend activities, what men's wardrobe closet pieces do you need?

After making the commitment to your style and understanding your needs, it’s time to find the right items. This is where the most important rule comes in: quality over quantity! Choose a few timeless pieces and you’ll never go out of style. Here’s what you need.

Outerwear Essentials

Let’s work from the outside in: first, your outerwear. We’ve outlined some essential outerwear pieces for every wardrobe. Remember that what you choose from this list should be in line with your personal style.

1.     Fitted Jackets

Every man should have at least two work-friendly options: suits, sports jackets, or blazers for those smart-casual events. Then, you’ll want at least one jacket for casual days. You could pick from leather, bomber, or denim styles.

2.     Two Coats

If you live in a region that has cold winters, you’ll want a high style, structured coat to wear over your suits or sweaters during those cold, wet days. These pieces can really elevate your overall style.

Our pick: the Scout Corduroy Shirt Jacket. This mens jacket is a versatile piece and effortlessly creates a chill yet put-together look.


Baselayer Essentials

Often forgotten but highly important, baselayers are the “building blocks” of your wardrobe. They’ll keep you looking and feeling good in all types of weather. Any guy who wants to dress well should have all (yes, all) of these men's wardrobe essentials.

1.     A Selection of White T-shirts

You can never have too many white t-shirts in your wardrobe. They’re crucial for layering up in cold weather and can be worn under your formal button-ups. On casual days, white tees create a timeless look when paired with dark jeans.

2.     An Everyday Black T-shirt

A high-quality black t-shirt looks great when worn on its own or under a sweater. Get the right cut and collar and it’s sure to become your favorite wardrobe item.

3.     A Trendy Short-Sleeved Tee

Look for a tee that fits into the men's wardrobe 2020 or 2021 style trends. This is where you can let your creativity shine with pastel colors, prints, or even a color-blocked pattern.

4.     Well-fitting Jeans and Chinos

Men's Jeans — preferably a dark wash — that fit you well are the holy-grail of looking effortlessly stylish. Apply the same principle to a pair of beige chinos, and you have a multitude of outfit options.

We love these Luca Slim Utility Trendy Pants for men because they blend the jean and khaki look, and they feature smart seaming around the knees to ensure these pants fit you well.

5.     A Sweater

A simple sweater is perfect for cold-weather layering and comes in handy during those chilly after-work outings. This Hemlock Hooded Sweater comes in a classic yet trendy style.

6.     No-Show Socks

Yes, no show socks are not just for women. Many a good outfit has been ruined by the wrong pair of socks.


Footwear Essentials

Some items in a closet men tend to take for granted. Unfortunately, shoes are often on that list. Every man who wants to dress well should have at least one pair of these:

1.     Dress Shoes

A must-have in the list of classic men's wardrobe essentials. You can never go wrong with a pair of quality black or dark brown leather brogues.

2.     Boots

Boots are perfect for those business casual days, especially in wet seasons. A classic pair,  like the Chelsea boot style, will look good with almost every leg cut.

3.     White Trainers

White trainers are perfect for that casual look that can go from office to bar or any other social event. Every man needs a simple but sturdy leather pair.

4.     Casual Sneakers

Athleisure is in, even for men’s fashion over 50. A pair of good sneakers can make even joggers look stylish.


Accessory Essentials

Accessories turn a good outfit great, while also communicating your style. Every man needs:


  1. At least two high-quality leather belts — one in brown and one in black.
  2. A good watch that can seamlessly take you from casual to formal. A classic style works best for this.
  3. Well-made ties in dark, solid colors, and at least one tie in a brighter color like pastel pink.
  4. A classic pair of sunglasses. It doesn’t get more classic than these Silver Aviator Sunglasses for men from Unionbay.


Dress Well For Less

Creating a good look with all the men's wardrobe essentials doesn’t have to be about wearing designer brands. From work pants for men  to mens first date outfit ideas, UNIONBAY has what you need! And you can still look stylish and suave without breaking the bank. Discover great value and the newest trends from Unionbay with a wide selection of clothing for every man’s wardrobe.