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Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, men’s fashion has manifested itself in vibrant hues and jogging trousers as opposed to suits and ties over the past couple of years. And the same goes for colder seasons, and men’s casual winter fashion offers a diverse range of similarly relaxed designs. However, the reality remains that no matter what happens this year, investing in well-made men’s winter outfits is crucial for staying warm and stylish this year. If you’re looking for men’s winter fashion inspiration, UNIONBAY’s men’s winter style guide for 2021 has a sneak peek into the latest trends for 2021.

What are the Latest Men’s Winter Fashion Trends?

As autumn gives way to winter, men need to embrace bold hues that they can mix and match to create the trendiest ensemble. But winter poses its challenges, and staying trendy while also staying warm can present a challenge. This 2021 winter style guide has all the information you need to put together simple, stylish winter ensembles in no time.


The resurgence of fleece is indicative of a more significant trend in men’s winter outfits toward outdoor-inspired clothing. Season after season, thick-pile vintage fleeces have endured in popularity as independent outerwear and designers continue to incorporate the fabric into their autumn/winter designs. This trend works best in small doses for this year’s winter style. Men should limit themselves to one fleece garment per outfit and mix and match it with other textured fabrics to offer additional tactile depth to cold-weather ensembles. Consider this UNIONBAY fleece to complete your look. The Olympus Plaid Microfleece is a classic that never goes out of style, before and after the leaves have fallen. Wear it buttoned up or unbuttoned for a variety of styles.

Vests and Jackets

One of the underlying trends of previous seasons has been the emergence of technical outerwear in the fashion industry, and it will continue far into the new year. Cropped, zip-up silhouettes are taking center stage this season – perfect for a quick trip to the shops or as a middle layer beneath your winter coat for extra weight and protection from the weather. The UNIONBAY Elkhorn Quilted Vest has a color-blocked design in blue and brown or black and gray. It features a comfortable and relaxed fit around the shoulders, as well as a convenient snap close button. On chilly days, the polyester material and vintage quilted design will keep you warm and looking stylish.

Relaxed-Fit Pants

The days of skinny jeans have come and gone, and this style of pants for men is becoming a scarce option, especially for winter outfits. Men are seeing a return to the relaxed-fit pants of the 1990s in their stead. For the better part of a decade, many of us have been squeezing ourselves into tight-fitting jeans, and old habits die hard. If you embrace a looser leg, though, you could be surprised at how much you enjoy it. Not just in terms of elegance but also in terms of comfort.

This year, relaxed-fit pants and pockets are regaining their former glory. Cargos have been made popular by luxury casualwear purveyors, and we love the extra capacity. Look for multi-pocketed outerwear from some of the industry's biggest brands as well. Pockets have returned, and this time they're staying put. Pair them with a classic button-up shirt for a more formal approach, or wear them casually with a tee for a trendy streetwear vibe. UNIONBAY’s cargo pants for men are suitable for everyday use. Our design is made of soft cotton twill and has a relaxed fit for comfort and mobility. You can wear our best-selling cargo pants all year long.


This season, guys’ winter outfits include backpacks, which are becoming increasingly popular. Carrying a laptop around in that old messenger bag from college will no longer cut it as more people are returning to the office. Replace your boring briefcase with UNION’S high-end bag, Canvas in the City Backpack. With a water-repellent finish and available in three stylish colors, this backpack will keep up with commuters on their way to and from work. Made with handcrafted canvas and soft real leather, there are plenty of inner and external compartments for your laptop, tablet, and other things, and the smooth leather construction is timeless.

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UNIONBAY’s men’s collection offers effortless style with selections for smart, easy-to-put-together ensembles that last. We pride ourselves on creating high-quality men’s winter fashion that is both timeless and functional. Whether you need a pair of men’s pants, stylish men’s shirts, or durable men’s travel pants for this holiday season, the UNIONBAY collection has everything you need. Shop our selection of the latest winter looks for men today, or check out our items on clearance for an affordable winter wardrobe upgrade!

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