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The Top Music Festival Outfits for Men 

With summer come baseball games, beach trips, backyard barbecues, and — best of all — music festivals. After a long winter cooped up inside, it feels great to hit the festival circuit and experience the thrill of live music and the energy of a hyped-up crowd. Make sure you’re ready to party like a pro with the perfect festival outfit. Your clothes should be able to handle hours of festival fun while keeping you comfortable and stylish until the last song is played.

When deciding what to wear to a music festival, guys often don’t know where to start. Modern festivals are as much about the scene as the music. As such, you’ll want to put together a look that blends in with the overall vibe of the festival while showing some individual flair without sacrificing wearability. Read on for pointers regarding how to style music festival outfits that strike the perfect balance between fashion and function.

Festival Styling Tips

Whether you’re putting together fashion-forward Coachella outfits for guys or are hitting an eclectic indie festival where guys’ festival outfits lean towards vintage hip, you can follow a couple of basic guidelines.  

Save your Designer Duds

Music festivals are notoriously tough on your clothes.  You’ll spend long hours under the hot sun, in grass (or dirt) seating, dodging spilled drinks and food, and dealing with raucous crowds. When it comes to music festival outfits, men don’t want to waste time worrying about staining their favorite jeans or ripping their limited-edition hoodie. Choose pieces that you like, but avoid wearing expensive or irreplaceable items.

Always Opt for Comfort

When putting together music festival outfits, guys can choose bolder colors and styles than they usually wear after all, that’s part of the fun of a festival. But no matter how over-the-top your prints or how eccentric your accessories are, make sure you wear clothing that will be comfortable all day. 

Men’s Festival Wear by Item

Now that we’ve narrowed down your options (don’t wear your most prized pieces of clothing and anything restrictive), let’s discuss what you should wear to your next music festival. When putting together festival outfits, guys can rest assured: you’ll have many choices that are perfect for anything from Instagram-ready Coachella guy outfits to low-key looks for alternative shows.


When putting together trendy music festival outfits, men can opt for a loose-fitting button-down shirt that is flowy enough to be comfortable but not so much that it hangs like an oversized t-shirt. For dance-centric festival fashion, men can wear a fitted tank top underneath and leave the shirt unbuttoned on top, which allows for freedom of movement. A street-style hoodie is another classic look, perfect for less fashion-forward festivals.


Jeans offer a classic look but may be too hot or restrictive for summer dancing. For more comfortable festival outfits, men can choose loose cotton pants or shorts in a solid or print. Remember that whatever you wear on the bottom will probably get dirty from sitting on the ground, so darker colors or prints are better options.


Music festivals may be hard on clothes, but they are even worse on shoes. Scuffed, muddy, wet your shoes will end the day with some serious damage. For the best music festival outfits, men need to choose a pair of shoes that can take a beating and be comfortable all day. Sneakers or comfortable boots are a good choice.


For the best festival looks, men should use accessories to amplify their outfit. This is where you can show your chic or hippy side, with everything from sunglasses and hats to necklaces, bracelets, and rings. Showcase your fashion sense or quirky personality and go a little crazy. But remember, trinkets often get lost at festivals, so don’t wear anything too expensive.

Shop the Look

To put together a few great music festival outfits, men can mix and match these trendy but comfortable UNIONBAY pieces:

  • Pier Chambray Woven Shirt - A loose cut, light fabric, and fun prints make these short-sleeved button-downs stylish yet wearable festival options.
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  • Napa Hoodie - For a more casual look, our distressed hoodie is lightweight cotton — cool enough for a summer dance fest.

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  • Poolside Rayon Button-Up Shirt-- The Poolside rayon shirt by UNIONBAY is fun and festive with its throwback prints. The button-up style is perfect for warm months with short sleeves and lightweight material.

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  • Carmel Pull-On Shorts- This pull-on style features a festive print and contrasting drawstring for an adjustable fit. Perfect for long days at the festivals!

what to wear to a music festival guys

  • Survivor Cargo Pants - The comfortable fit and cotton twill fabric of these pants is ideal for all-day wear, or you can opt for our men's cargo shorts when the temps soar.

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  • Phinney Cargo Short - Go street style with men's cargo shorts in breathable cotton twill, perfect for pairing with a hoodie.
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  • Silver Aviator Sunglasses - Nothing finishes off a look like a sharp pair of mirrored sunglasses. This timeless style will bring the perfect touch of bling to your outfitcoachella outfits for guys
  • Blue Tinted Rectangle Sunglasses - The aviator look isn’t for everyone, so if you prefer a bit more fun on the face, try these casual shades

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If you need more ideas for putting together some music festival outfits for men, shop the collection at UNIONBAY. We have a full range of festival-ready men’s shirts, pants, and accessories that will hold up to hours of festival fun, whether you’re grooving to rock or reggae.