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Style and Comfort on the Road: Travel Pants for Men

Whether you’re traveling for work or pleasure, choosing travel pants that strike the ideal balance between comfort and style will determine whether you arrive at your destination looking sleek or feeling crumpled and crabby. Lightweight travel pants are also a trick of the trade for staying within those shrinking airline baggage allowances without looking like you’re, well, living out of a suitcase.

If you’re pondering what to pack for an upcoming trip, here are some pointers to help you choose the best travel pants. The Rainer UB Tech Travel Pants are a year-round staple and the three neutral colors are perfect for frequent wear. This UNIONBAY pair features a slim silhouette and nylon-spandex construction as well as a stretch sportband waist for all day comfort. A water-repellent finish and UPF 50 make these pants an all-around winner.

The Benefits of Travel Clothes for Men

We know what you’re thinking: why should I invest in travel clothes if my closet is already stocked with everything from sweatpants to dress pants?

Though it may be tempting to make do with your everyday wardrobe when you hit the road, investing in durable and versatile travel pants offers several benefits. Stretchy, wrinkle-resistant fabrics make cross-country drives a breeze, while classic cuts and neutral colors fit in whether your plane is landing in Manhattan or Montana. And these pieces are designed specifically for globe-trotters and adventurers: once you’ve seen how easy it is to wash and dry them, you’ll never go back to stiff, heavy jeans again.

What to Look for in Travel Pants

Just like everything else in your closet, your travel pants should make you look and feel great with the travel-friendly perk of being easy to care for on the go. Here are the top factors that make a pair of travel pants worth taking along for the ride:

Fit: A flattering style that is neither too form-fitting nor too baggy. With the right fit, climbing in and out of rental cars or airplane seats won’t be a struggle.

Style: Muted colors and four-season fabric make it easy to mix and match with other clothes in your suitcase no matter which month you’re traveling.

Care: Resistant to dirt and water so you can wear these pants all day for multiple days, rain or shine, without needing to wash them.

Durability: Made to last with reinforced seams, double stitching, and expandable waistbands that won’t split when you’ve had one vacation meal too many.

Pockets: Travel pants enthusiasts agree that the one detail that makes or breaks a great pair is an abundance of well-placed, zippered pockets.


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The Men's Travel Pants

Comfortable Travel Pants: Men’s Adventure Pants

If your trip is going to be filled with outdoor sports like rock climbing, hiking, and cycling, your pants will have to rise to the challenge. You’ll want to look for pants with extra durability that are lightweight enough to keep you comfortable no matter the temperature. The best options are travel pants made from a high-tech fabric that provides stretch, breathability, and water resistance. UPF protection is a perk if you need to protect yourself from harmful UV radiation.

You’ll also want to choose a style with a loose fit so you can move around with ease, whether you’re on two feet or two wheels. An expandable waistband is a particularly comfortable feature, but make sure it doesn’t stretch out too much after multiple wearings or you may need to pack a belt.

If you plan on wearing your travel pants on outdoor adventures, you should choose a pair that is dirt- and stain-resistant. The best men’s lightweight pants also dry quickly so you can hand wash them and they’ll be ready to wear again in no time.

Finally, the best travel pants for active adventurers should have plenty of easily accessible pockets that zipper shut to keep gear inside. You’ll have an easy place to stash your sunglasses and cellphone while ensuring they don’t accidentally fall out of your pocket along the trail.

Stylish Travel Pants

If you’re traveling for work or touring a city, your pants will have to remain stylish and crisp no matter how many hours (or days!) you wear them. The best travel pants for work or urban travel are made from a nylon-spandex fabric that resists wrinkling. This material should have enough stretch to be comfortable but not so much that your pants lose their shape after a day of wear.

Whether you have a day of meetings or sightseeing ahead, a more form-fitting pair of chino-style travel pants will do the trick. You can dress up your pants with a button-down shirt and blazer when you’re grabbing lunch with a business partner, or pair them with a colorful polo shirt for an informal look.

Though you won’t need the durability of adventure pants, pants that dry quickly are your best option, in case you’re caught in the rain or need to give them a quick wash. And don’t forget to look for pants with secure pockets for worry-free storage of valuables, like your wallet and passport.

Learn More about the Best Travel Pants Men

If you’re not sure which travel pants are right for you, contact UNIONBAY for more details about our line of comfortable, high-performance cargo pants for men or the Rainer UB Tech Travel Pants created specifically for today’s traveler.