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For many golfers, their sport of choice is an outlet where they can get outside, get a little exercise, and spend some time with friends. But there’s also plenty of tradition behind golf that can be a big draw to many enthusiasts, and a big part of that tradition is in the clothing styles typically displayed on the course.

This tradition is upheld by many golf courses in the form of dress codes. You can’t wear just anything out there, which means you have to be conscientious about what you show up to the teeing ground in. This may make you feel nervous about your wardrobe for your upcoming tee time, but if you know what to wear for golfing, men can actually have a lot of fun with this aspect of the sport.

To help you prepare for your next golf outing, take a look at this comprehensive guide covering what to wear when golfing, as well as all the best golfing outfits men's fashion has to offer.

Golfing Outfit Essentials

When it comes to what to wear for golfing, men shouldn’t overthink it. At first, you just want to ensure you’re getting onto the golf course without any issues, so it’s best to simply learn the essentials, make sure you’ve got them in your closet, and then build upon your fairway style from there.

Here is a list of the best golf clothes for men, along with some valuable details about what to look for in each garment.


You are certainly already aware that the golf course is a no shirt, no shoes, no service kind of place, but if you don’t have the right type of shirt, you’re likely to get turned away at the door or, at the very least, feel like you missed an opportunity to flash some style. While collared polo shirts are standard on the golf course, consider a UB Tech plaid shirt or button-up for a comfortable, clean, and presentable look.

Pants and Shorts

Both pants and shorts are acceptable on the golf course, but both will need to meet certain standards. For example, jeans will most likely not be allowed on the course, and shorts shouldn’t be too short or long.

You can’t go wrong with a pair of golf slacks (for obvious reasons) or khakis, but make sure whatever you wear isn’t going to restrict your range of motion. Hybrid pants or shorts offer exceptional movement and appropriate style, making them a perfect addition to the kind of golf outfits male golfers seek.

best golfing outfits

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Outerwear can be totally acceptable on the golf course, provided you’ve got the right garment. Jackets and sweatshirts can add to your style and offer protection from less-than-ideal weather conditions on the fairway. However, ensure your outerwear suits the course’s dress code, and don’t wear anything that impedes your swing.


When it comes to footwear, dress codes tend to be relatively more lax. Of course, you can’t wear just anything, but you have more wiggle room in this department. Your biggest concern should be picking shoes that give you the traction and support you need to optimize your performance. While golf cleats are ideal, sneakers or running shoes will do.

If you’re not planning on wearing cleats or golf shoes, look into the course's dress code to make sure you won’t be turned away before you have a chance to tee off.


The most important aspect of the socks you wear on the golf course is comfort, but you also don’t want to be sporting anything floppy or tattered, so make sure not to overlook this less-visible aspect of your outfit. Ankle socks are your best bet, and there are many options for those designed specifically for golf. 


You won’t have any issues getting on the green if you don’t wear a hat to the golf course, but all the best golf outfits tend to include one, and they also offer the functional purpose of sun protection. You can potentially wear many different styles of hats when golfing, including those designed specifically for golf. The flat cap is the most traditional and never goes out of style.


A cool pair of shades has the power to put the finishing touches on any great outfit, and when it comes to golfing wardrobes, that rule very much still applies. Sunglasses are a fantastic style accessory that can also help you fight the glare and see better on your swing.


Gloves are essential for getting an excellent grip on your clubs but can also serve as a fantastic style accessory. Leather will get you the best grip, but other options won’t let you down, so pick the pair that goes best with your golfing outfit if you’re feeling fashion-conscious.

Tips for Wearing Golf Style

Now that you know the sort of golf style men wear, you’ll need to learn some of the etiquette surrounding that style. While you won’t have any trouble getting on the course if you simply follow their dress code, there are some instances in which you might turn a few heads in a negative way if you don’t apply that dress code properly.

Consider Your Colors

You’ll see all kinds of colors at a golf course, and sometimes they can even be bright, flashy, and flamboyant, but you won’t often see more than one or two in a single outfit. You can never go wrong by staying neutral with a black, white, or gray outfit, but if you feel like stepping it up a bit with some warmer colors or even neons or pastels, then that’s fair game. Just make sure to stick with just one color if you go beyond the neutrals.

You can mix and match when it comes to neutral colors, just avoid more than two, and you should be just fine.

Don’t Overdo It

Once you know what to wear for golfing, men can have a lot of fun delving into the world of style, which is something that some male golfers don’t necessarily do in their everyday lives. However, it can be easy to see Rickie Fowler in mismatched neon golf cleats at The Players and start getting crazy ideas about what to wear on the course, which can wind up hurting your look.

Unfortunately, only Rickie Fowler is Rickie Fowler, and going crazy with golf fashion is unlikely to play as well for the average linksman. Keeping it simple is generally a good choice. However, as long as you’re meeting the golf course’s dress code, then it’s ultimately your prerogative what you wear, so express yourself if you don’t mind taking a golf outfit gamble.

Don’t Overlayer It

Layers serve two valuable purposes: allowing a wider range of style options and keeping you warm and dry when the weather is not. However, overdoing the layers can go wrong in a hurry. You don’t want your outfit to look like a neglected laundry pile, and you don’t want to wear so much that it gets in the way of your swing.

Hybrid Helps

If style and dress codes weren’t a part of the equation for golf outfits, and functionality was the only factor, then something like joggers might be the ideal pants to wear on the course. While that’s not the case, hybrid pants can add stretchy and breathable material to traditional golf attire.

When you opt for hybrid pants, you’ll retain the look you and the golf course are going for and have all the comfort and mobility you need to focus on your game. 

Avoid Loose-Fitting Clothing

All the best golfing outfits will have a great fit, but aesthetics aren’t the only reason you don’t want to be out on the course in an oversized shirt or baggy pants. Loose-fitting clothing can obstruct your range of motion which is likely to affect your swing, and odds are you’re even more concerned with how well you play than how well you’re dressed. Make sure everything you’re wearing has a clean and comfortable fit.

Best Men’s Golf Outfit Ideas

You’ve got all the essentials and some tips for applying them, but even when they know what to wear golfing, men may still have a bit of trouble pulling it all together. Not to worry, though. This list contains some of the best men's golf outfit ideas.

Spring and Summer Style

The course may be absolutely gorgeous during the spring and summer months, but the blazing sun can be unforgiving on the right day. That shouldn’t stop you from taking the course, though. Plenty of hot golf outfits can be worn when the weather is hot, too.

This time of the year is when brighter colors play best, so you can generally get a little flashier during this time without overdoing it. Pastels, neons, or maybe even a patterned shirt can be a great option. 

You’ll obviously want to avoid layers, but you’ll also want to ensure that any garment you pick is made from breathable fabric. Plenty of breathable sock options exist, so don’t discount how much opting for some can help you stay cool. You’ll also want to opt for shorts over pants on most days and sunglasses.

Fall Looks

Golf season will be winding down once fall comes around, but there’s still time to get out on the course. If you do, however, remember that you should probably change up your style to meet the mood of the season at hand. 

Cooler weather is the time for more neutral colors, so keep it simple and classic. Remember: black, white, gray, and navy will all work, but you don’t want to do more than two of them at a time.

You’ll also be able to play around with layering up in the fall. Weather permitting, a quarter zip, sweatshirt, or vest can be perfect, but once the end-of-the-year chill comes around, you may opt for something a little heavier (but not too heavy). And remember that a solid cap can also keep you looking stylish and warm.

Meeting the Dress Code on Short Notice

Looking good on the golf course may require a bit of an investment, depending on your current wardrobe. If you haven’t been loading up on khakis and golf shirts, then you may be feeling a bit uneasy about that upcoming tee time. However, you probably don’t have to hit the panic button just yet. Good golf style isn’t all that different from your average business casual attire.

For a shirt, if you’ve got a polo, then odds are you can’t miss with that, but you may miss on your swing if yours is too tight, so be wary. If you don’t have a polo in your wardrobe, that’s totally fine. There are plenty of other options. Consider a button-down if it fits well and doesn’t restrict your movement too much. 

You may not have scientifically formulated golf slacks, but you're good to go if you’ve got some khaki shorts, travel pants, utility shorts, or just some standard long pants. Anything you’ve got that’s neutral-colored and breathable should be your first option.

As for footwear, sneakers or running shoes will serve you well, and odds are you’ve got at least one of the two. Just keep in mind that you need traction if you want to perform at the tee box.

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