Camping clothes are generally different from everyday clothing since they address specific issues of outdoor experiences. Living in the wilderness for a few days or weeks requires garments built for activity and utility. 

A suit and tie may be perfect for the office when you head to work. Shorts and a T-shirt are spot-on for a backyard barbecue. When you’re at the gym, sweats or yoga pants are expected. However, when you’re out in the wilderness, your clothes will need to:

  1. Help you withstand extreme weather
  2. Repel bugs 
  3. Be able to get dirty
  4. Be functional for your activities

For example, if you go swimming, you'll need far different attire than when cleaning a fish or cooking over the fire. That being said, if you’re shopping for yourself or the men in your life, remember this — you can buy men camping clothes they’ll also enjoy wearing. It is possible for camping clothes to be pragmatic without being boring.

What to Wear While Camping: Tops

Crafting a wardrobe of men's camping outfits starts right at the top. Ideally, you’ll be camping in cooler temperatures when sleeping out under the stars, so you don’t have to worry about staying comfortable in the heat. 

Luckily, there are plenty of ways to put together a camping outfit men will find comfortable in conditions that range from reasonably warm to downright frigid. Even if you’re staying in an RV with climate control, you’ll still have to venture outside eventually, and you will want to be suitably dressed for the elements.

The goal is to find clothing that can quickly wick away moisture to prevent sweat from building up but will quickly dry if it gets wet. You also want shirts you can layer to quickly and easily adjust what you are wearing if the weather or temperature changes. And don’t forget you’ll want something to help protect your skin from bug bites. 

Whatever time of year you’re going camping and wherever you decide to camp, remember these men's camping fashion items to help keep you comfortable no matter what happens.

A Breathable Shirt

You’ll likely be pushing your limits and working hard while camping. That could be in the form of chopping firewood or fishing and hunting for your dinner. Breathable shirts are definitely necessary when selecting hiking outfits for guys. Tromping through the woods can work up a sweat no matter the weather, making a stifling, constricting shirt unsuitable for the conditions.

Also, consider the style and color. You might prefer a bright and busy plaid or be more of a solid-color person. Camping shirts for guys come in a massive range of options, whatever your style. And if you are going hiking, sometimes a simple T-shirt can provide all the breathability you need.

A Flannel Hoodie

When the air takes on a crisp chill, your breath becomes visible, and the cold begins to nip at your skin, a flannel hoodie can keep you warm and cozy. There’s a reason Seattle grunge bands and loggers chose flannel. It not only looks cool but keeps people warm and dry. With a flannel hoodie, you can venture into the woods fully covered and protected from bugs, but you can always roll up the sleeves if you’re getting too toasty.

Also, if you get a flannel hoodie, remember that you’re a flip of a hood away from keeping your head warm as well. Plus, you won’t have to carry a hat. Remember, you can use the drawstring to keep the harsh wind at bay.

A Microfleece Layer

Whether you wear a microfleece shirt on the outside or use it as just another layer, why not get one with contemporary patterns? This versatile layer is perfectly appropriate for a casual dinner, but you can also wear it to the campsite. Microfleece has an incredible property that makes it lightweight and lets moisture evaporate fast, but it’s also quite warm. Sitting by the campfire, you will feel comfortable even on a chillier night.

The other excellent quality that microfleece has is that it’s ultra-soft. Let’s say you go camping and forget a pillow. A folded microfleece shirt will let you rest your head in your tent for a good night’s sleep. And if the ground is cold, your body heat will ensure the microfleece stays warm.

A Quilted Vest

Often, you may find that you need a complete range of motion with your arms while camping, and a regular jacket doesn’t fit the bill. Chopping firewood, hiking, pitching tents, all these activities are much better when your arms are free. A quilted vest is the best of both worlds — it provides warmth for your torso but keeps your arms free. Additionally, without sleeves, it will let people see your cool shirt.

What to Wear While Camping: Bottoms

No list of camping clothes for men is complete without pants. The bottoms are as essential as the tops, and a regular pair of jeans may not cut it. Pants for camping must be able to dry quickly, especially in cold weather where wet clothing can be dangerous. You’ll also need plenty of carrying capacity in those pants to keep as many essential items on hand as possible, such as pocket knives, compasses, fire-starters, etc.  

Technical Travel Pants

Travel pants have many valuable qualities, but one of the most important is the Ultraviolet Protection Factor (UPF). Even in winter and fall, the sun will beat down with all its might, so you’ll still need plenty of skin defense. Our Travel pants offer UPF 50 and have a water-repellent finish, so they’ll stay dry even in harsh conditions. Plus, the fabric is constructed to fight stains and wrinkles. Thankfully, they are easy to wash and dry.

Stretchy Joggers

The kind of camping clothes men want when they plan to be seriously active must withstand extreme use. Stretchy joggers provide the comfort of sweatpants yet are stylish and come in various fashionable colors. Joggers are more breathable and form-fitting than sweatpants. They’re perfect for a hike or long walk since they won’t feel constricting or hot.

Cargo Shorts

The usefulness of cargo shorts cannot be overstated, but camping presents an opportunity where they’re both practical and fashionable. With cargo shorts, you get the practicality of extra pockets, but they also lend the shorts a rugged air that speaks to an outdoorsy soul. Make sure to get heavy-weight cotton for durability and comfort. 

What to Wear While Camping: Accessories

Thus far, this guide has focused on outfits for camping, but you can’t forget your accessories! Men's camping fashion is all about comfort melding with practicality, and this ethos extends to the accessories, too. Every piece needs to come together in a unified presentation. With camping, you’ll need eye protection and the ability to carry essential items around easily. Consider whether you should add any of the items below.

Sporty Sunglasses

Choosing sunglasses based on frames is primarily based on style preference. Whatever you choose, ensure the glasses provide the eye protection you need. That means providing UV protection, impact-resistant lenses, and lightweight and comfortable glasses. You’ll wear them often when hiking or camping, so you’ll want an effortless fit.


Camping essentials are all about form and function. A durable, water-repellent backpack is a welcome companion on any camping excursion, and when it meshes with your outfit, so much the better. 

Color and material are your top considerations following the essential pragmatic features of a camping backpack. With leather and canvas, you get that wilderness-ready functionality paired with runway-ready looks. With black, navy blue, and brown options, you can find one to match the rest of your wardrobe.

How to Dress for Camping: Tips

Here’s the number one takeaway for outdoor adventures. Safety and comfort are the most critical elements when deciding what to wear while camping. Keep this in mind as you shop for camping clothes, and only choose the most fashionable option if it also meets all the safety requirements. 

Here are a few things you’ll want to avoid when assembling your camping attire:

  • Excessive Jewelry: Jewelry such as necklaces and rings can get caught on branches or tools or get lost or broken
  • White Clothes: While white can look fantastic, it will get dirty out in the woods, so unless you have a miracle solution for removing dirt and grass stains, stick to colors and patterns
  • Denim: Just leave your jeans at home — they will not keep you warm, no matter how thick they are
  • Cologne: If you’re the type to wear scents, the wilderness is not the place to do it because you never know how animals will respond — you may just be broadcasting your position to predators
  • Sandals or Flip-Flops: With all of the plants, bugs, and other forest-dwelling hazards that can cause harm to your feet, wearing sandals or flip-flops invites trouble you don’t want

With all this in mind, here are tips for dressing for a camping trip. These are the main points to remember for your camping attire.

Prioritize Moisture-Wicking Materials

Fabrics that hold onto moisture will cause a whole host of problems. If you get wet in cold temps, you want to be able to dry yourself off as soon as possible to avoid hypothermia. Also, you don’t want all that sweat trapped in your clothing when you're working hard. 

For tried-and-true moisture-wicking action, turn to polyester and nylon. These materials will draw sweat and water away from the body and allow it to evaporate. 

Dress in Layers

Remember, you can remove layers. If you bring T-shirts and one massive, warm coat, what will you do when it’s too chilly for a T-shirt but too hot for the coat? Exactly. 

Dress in multiple layers so you can remove and add layers as the need arises. Don’t forget warm hats and gloves, too! You can always stuff them into pockets for later, which is why cargo pants are an excellent option!

Consider the Destination

There is no “one size fits all” in camping. Every location has its own climate and weather. If you’re camping in Florida, you’ll probably experience a reasonably consistent temperature from day to day and even from daytime to nighttime, thanks to the persistent humidity. It’s here that moisture-wicking clothing keeps you from sweating until your garments are soaked.

You'll want dense, windproof clothing if you’re going to a location with more weather swings and perhaps high wind speeds, such as the mountains. In the mountains, layers are fundamental since you can change elevations frequently. The environment can start as hot and stifling and quickly transform into cold and windy conditions. Check the weather and pack all the necessary clothes for all contingencies.

Carry Your Essentials 

That is why a backpack is so essential, especially a small, light one. You’re on nature’s turf when camping, and you’ll need to be prepared. Pack sunscreen, bug repellant, a battery and cable for your phone, and a compass in case your phone dies. 

Add a poncho or umbrella, and carry plenty of water during your adventure. Make a list before the trip and keep those items in your backpack whenever you venture away from camp.

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