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The Essential Guide to Styling Women's Shorts Outfits This Summer

Summer is finally here, and along with it, the daily struggle between hot weather comfort and style. Women's shorts outfits are a must for the warm summer months, but how can you keep them trendy? There are so many different ways to style shorts looks, ranging from hipster casual to high-fashion dressy, that you’ll have endless options to keep you looking and feeling cool this summer. We've prepared this essential guide to give you all the tips you need to mix and match all your favorite shorts outfits this summer.

Women's Shorts Styles

The variety of shorts out there can be daunting; women’s shorts styles go far beyond your standard pair of denim cutoffs. There are classic looks as well as more innovative, trendy styles that have made a splash in recent years. First, we'll look at some of the most popular styles of shorts for women and give you some great ideas about how to pull together a variety of outfits.

Classic Denim Shorts

When it comes to a look that never goes out of style in terms of casual shorts outfits, the classic women's denim shorts always tops the list. Denim shorts come in a wide variety of lengths, shades, and cuts, so there is one to suit every woman's personal taste. Denim shorts for women are also low maintenance. Plus, they’re easy to pair with any shirt or blouse because denim goes with everything.

Paper Bag Shorts

Women's shorts outfits that feature paper bag shorts are an emerging trend that is becoming really popular. This particular style features extra fabric cinched at the waistline, often with a tie or buckle belt made of the same fabric as the shorts. Because of their unique shape, crop tops or a simple white tee are all you need for paper bag shorts to look refined.

High-Waisted Shorts

High-waisted shorts outfits, as the name implies, have a higher waistline than average. This is one of the hottest (pun intended!) trends out there right now. They sit just below the ribcage and accentuate an hourglass figure. To accentuate the look, try pairing your high-waisted shorts with a  slim, tucked-in top and a blazer if the weather allows.

How to Style Women's Shorts Outfits

There are so many ways to style outfits with shorts, but having a few basic women’s summer shorts outfits under your belt will help you through the whole season from start to finish. These looks run from casual styles for a quick run to the store or a trip to the beach to more chic and tailored styles for summer brunch or cocktails with friends. Check out these looks and choose the ones you like best to start building your perfect warm-weather wardrobe.

How to Style Women's Denim Shorts

When it comes to how to style shorts, denim shorts are always one of the top go-to choices. After all, they’re super versatile! Women's denim shorts go well with nearly everything, so you can stress less about your color palette. If you want an extra-casual vibe, go for a super comfy t-shirt and your favorite pair of canvas slip-ons. You can dress up a denim short with a button-up top or a romantic, flowy blouse. Jewelry is a fun and easy way to add sparkle to a classic denim shorts outfit. Bold hoop earrings or a pair of colorful studs are a great way to amp up your look. Now grab those sunglasses and go get ‘em, girl.

How to Style Women's Bermuda Shorts

A popular beachy style in women's shorts outfits is the Bermuda short, also known simply as long shorts. These are flattering for everyone because they create a lengthened look for your legs, and who would say no to looking a little leggier? Pair Bermuda shorts with a sleeveless tank for the hottest days, and bring your favorite lightweight sweatshirt for the cooler evenings. They look great with sneakers or a delicate sandal, taking you from day to evening wear.

How to Style Women's Convertible Shorts

Convertible shorts are a versatile look,  allowing you to choose whether you want to keep them a classic short length or roll them down to make them longer. When you wear them short, combine them with a long blazer or one of our cute jackets for an interesting contrast and elevated style. When wearing them short, try a crop top for a more playful and laid-back look.

How to Style Women's High Rise Shorts

Also called high-waisted shorts, women's shorts outfits incorporating this hot commodity give you a super trendy look that works in denim or fun patterns like florals or tie-dye. This look is sleek when you pair it with a slim white tank or a tucked-in tee (thank you, Tan France, for introducing us to the French Tuck!). Strappy sandals go well with high-rise shorts if you’re aiming for a more elegant look, but they also go great with simple ballet flats or a pair of Converse sneakers.

How to Style Women's Gauze Shorts

It’s insanely hot out, and you’re wondering what to wear with shorts? Female styles include a fantastic option for those sweltering days: gauze shorts. They’re known as gauze shorts because the breezy cotton material they are made with resembles gauze. These shorts are lightweight and versatile, usually featuring a drawstring waist for customized comfort. They can be dressed up with kitten heels and a women’s fitted top or used as a beach cover-up with flip flops.

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