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Cool T-Shirt Designs Trending Right Now

The classic T-shirt is having a moment, with cool shirt designs not only in stores but all over the internet. Now is the perfect time to check out the top t shirt designs and add one—or ten!—to your closet.

Cool tee shirt designs can go with anything, whether it's your favorite pair of jeans or tailored pants. Nothing starts a lively and fun conversation quicker than a really unique tee, and the way you wear it is all about your own personal style. The possibilities are endless. 

This super creative item is a fun and inexpensive way to change things up and inject a whole lot of life and energy into your wardrobe. Check out all the trends we've put together for you here, then go out and grab the ones you love the most.

Top T-Shirt Designs for 2021

The year 2021 has inspired loads of cool t shirt designs for every taste and every budget. We've brought together the top t shirt designs for 2021 all in one list. You'll quickly see how different they all are and how each and every one of them has a unique statement to make!

Beach Vibes

T-shirts are such an easy go-to for summer that it's no wonder unique t-shirt designs almost always include references to the beach and a laid-back lifestyle. Whether it's palm trees, coconuts, waves, or surfing, these designs make you feel like it's summer all year long. Many of these t-shirts for men have product logos or surfing brands, but even those without specific references are a great choice because they never go out of style. These t-shirts also make great companions on the beach because you can just throw one on with your swim trunks, along with your favorite pair of sunglasses, and they'll take you from the seashore to the boardwalk in a snap.

Pocket Tees

Any list of cool shirt designs has to include the iconic pocket tee. How the designer works in the classic breast pocket gives this type of shirt its unique flair. Whether it's a striped tee or a single color, pocket t-shirts are one type of shirt design that never goes out of style; they just keep going and flowing with the current trends from year to year.

Minimalist Graphics

Graphic tees are hugely popular, and right now, a trend in unique t-shirt designs is toward the more minimal version of this look. Whether it's a simple text statement or one striking shape, graphic tees with solid, clean design are gaining a lot of ground. Often these t-shirts will focus on basic colors such as black and white, or a two-toned look, in keeping with their minimalist style.

Vintage Logos

Vintage t-shirts are always high on the list of trending t-shirt designs. The logos can range from brands of vintage soft drinks to TV shows to cartoon characters and tourist destinations. What makes these t-shirts so special is their unique take on the design of their times. Designers had to make their logos stand out in order to have a popular product, so these retro logos are always a big hit.

Bold Statements

Cool tshirt designs are a great way to get a message across, whether it's a political statement or a life philosophy. Printed on a graphic tee or even a graphic hoodie, a written statement delivered in a unique script with a strong image is bound to stop people in their tracks. You could even change your statement t-shirt with your daily mood, picking out a new message every day to express how you're feeling!

Rock Band Tees

Classic rock band t-shirts are a staple in the world of cool shirt designs, and lately, they've been popping up everywhere, especially in retro designs featuring iconic bands from decades ago. In the past, these tees were proud proof that you had gone to the actual concert, but nowadays, you can find concert t-shirts online and sport the rock band t-shirt style anytime you want.

Adventure and Destinations

Lots of t-shirts feature quirky locations or adventurous places, such as national parks, lodges, hipster cafes, or little-known hideaways. These tees are a lot like those old-fashioned labels people used to put on their suitcases when they had taken a trip somewhere. Trendy t-shirts might feature an out-of-the-way place or even reference a totally mythical location. Either way, the urge to travel is always front and center in this type of cool t-shirt design.

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