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Traveling: you either love it or hate it. Those who love traveling have found ways to make the uncomfortable parts comfortable. Many aspects of travel we can’t control, like stormy weather or delayed flights. But one thing we can control is our clothing choice.

Having a good travel outfit makes you feel comfortable, confident, and fully prepared for whatever the day may bring. 

Whether you plan to repurpose existing clothes or need to fill in the gaps in your travel wardrobe, we’re here to guide you through creating the best ensemble for all your upcoming trips:  

How to Plan Your Travel Outfits

The destination, weather, activities, comfort requirements, and your personal style are all considerations for what to wear on travel day. It can be difficult to decide, but once you crack the code, you’re set for all your travel days. 

Whether you fly or drive, layering is a lifesaver when traveling from one climate to another. Wear an undershirt to insulate you. A button-down flannel can be unbuttoned, removed, and tied around your waist if it gets too hot. If you need to, remove all layers but the undershirt. 

Some days are entirely devoted to travel. Other days combine travel with playtime. A combination travel and sightseeing outfit must keep you comfortable for long periods of sitting, plus look fashionable for photos. Elastic waistbands and comfortable shoes are your friends. 

Let’s Talk Airports

  • Everyone wants the process of going through security to be as quick and painless as possible. Keeping your outfit simple is one way to help. It takes time to remove metal jewelry and accessories like belts and take off lace-up shoes. We recommend keeping jewelry minimal and wearing shoes that you can easily slip on and off. 
  • Layering is key for comfortable airport outfits. You never know if the plane is going to be hot or cold. Sometimes, the temperature radically changes from boarding to mid-flight. A hoodie can shield your face and neck from the person next to you on the plane who has their air conditioning blasting.
  • Similarly, you’ll want to ensure your travel outfit is appropriate for whatever the day may bring. Everyone knows travel plans can change on a dime, so it’s best to dress accordingly. What if you have to sprit to another terminal for a connecting flight? Is that outfit going to cut it? Wear shoes that you can jog in and breathable fabrics like cotton so you can quickly move no matter what happens during your travel. 

Travel Outfits for Every Season

Now, let’s get down to seasonal specifics. Once again, layers are your friend. It’s better to have too many and shed some than to be caught without enough! 

Practical & Warm Winter Travel Outfits

Of course, plan your winter traveling outfit to include a coat. Just take one to go with every outfit on the trip. Take full advantage of coat pockets to store gloves, a beanie, and snacks for the journey. Winter clothes are bulky and heavy. But wearing your heavier boots and sweaters while traveling will lighten the weight of your suitcase.

Our Travel Pick: Underneath your coat, wear a thermal top and a hoodie or sweatshirt. Pair with comfy joggers and cozy shearling sneakers.

Fresh & Fun Spring Travel Outfits 

Spring opens up a world of colorful, fashionable travel clothes. All pastels complement each other, so packing any combination of pastel-colored clothing is perfect for springtime. 

In the spring, it’s tempting to dress aspirationally, as if it will be consistently warm. But springtime is prone to cold spells and rain. Long skirts and maxi dresses will shield you from that residual winter chill while still giving you that fresh, flowing, and free feeling. 

Our Travel Pick: A boho top, quilted jacket, cropped pants, and ballet flats. Keep a scarf in your purse for extra warmth.

Cool & Trendy Summer Travel Outfits

The perfect summer travel outfit should make you feel like you’re already on vacation, even if you haven’t yet reached your destination. The best thing about summer clothes is that they’re generally lightweight, you can fit more in your suitcase. T-shirts and tank tops are easy to roll up, which leaves you even more room to pack beach essentials or whatever your summertime adventure calls for.

Our Travel Pick: Solid shorts for women, a ribbed tank, a denim jacket, and sandals. Don’t forget to include sunglasses in your summer traveling outfits

Cozy & Chic Fall Travel Outfits

Like the spring, fall temperatures fluctuate. But you can’t go wrong with packing a couple of pairs of neutral, lightweight pants. Good options include men’s travel pants and women’s travel pants. As far as colors go, take inspiration from fall leaves and pack a selection of forest green, burnt orange, and marigold long-sleeved tops. 

Our Travel Pick: A fun hat, skinny pants, a cute plaid or solid button-down, a watch, and faux fur moccasins

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